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FAQIR Foundation



A data driven healthcare system with personal health datarecords, enables smarter use of data by people & machines, which saves lives. #DataSavesLives

We envision a world where health data becomes a powerful tool for change; to empower you and others with smarter and meaningful data usage, ultimately contributing to #Data SavesLives. We strive to be the beacon of trust in the healthcare landscape where health data drives better decisions.
A unique personal health data vault ecosystem


We want to build the best, secure personal health data vault ecosystem with high quality health data for individuals, health care professionals & researchers.

Our mission is to unleash the full potential of your health data by enabling better informed decision for all citizens
Do the right things, right


Autonomy & Freedom

Everyone has the right to control and manage their health data. We provide freedom for members to choose and change service providers without lock-in.

Transparency & Trust

We are committed to gain your trust by open communication about our practices. We hold ourselves accountable to maintain the highest ethical standards if it comes to your health data.

Innovation & Inspiring

We bring out the full potential of your health data, enabling data driven decisions that lead to healthier lives. We will continuously improve our technologies to serve you and the community better.

Community & Engagement

We believe that by working together we can generate an impact for yourself and others. We stimulate engagement and knowledge sharing amongst our members without interfering with your own privacy and free will.

Impact & Meaning

We commit to empower citizens with meaningful insights from their health data making a real difference in the world.

Privacy & Security

We strive for the highest standards if it comes to safeguarding your data security. We are also engaging world leading experts to ensure your privacy and responsible use of data.

Your data, our responsibility


The FAQIR foundation is building a robust governance framework to ensure trust, security, ethical integrity, and legal compliance in handling health data.
At the steering wheel, our Board of Directors, provides vision and strategic guidance. Upholding ethical principles is equally vital, overseen by our Ethical Committee.
Data access is carefully examined through our Data Access Committee, while the Privacy and Security Team stays vigilant, safeguarding data integrity.
Our Technical Committee ensures the reliability of our technology infrastructure, while the Patient Advisory Council bridges communication with patients, representing their interests.
As we continue to evolve, we're committed to growing this governance structure. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and feel free to reach out for more information.


Filip Pattyn and Hans Constandt, co-founders of the FAQIR foundation, bring a wealth of expertise to the organization, as recognized experts in healthcare and data management. Their shared vision  is leading the way for a patient-centric data solution.
Together with a team of FAQIR experts led by Yves Claeys, they are building a revolutionary health data ecosystem.

Their mission is to streamline data flows, making health data not only meaningful for individuals and healthcare professionals, but also for advanced machine applications.

Through our dedication, we aim to unleash the potential of health data to save lives and create a positive impact for all stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem.

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